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Hobsonville Acupuncture

Welcome to Hobsonville Acupuncture Clinic!

Highest quality oriental holistic treatment now practiced in Hobsonville.

Here at Hobsonville Acupuncture, we help you by listening to find out what your problems are and supporting you with the appropriate oriental holistic treatment.


Hobsonville Acupuncture is mainly focused on acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and acupressure to reduce pain and to release blocked areas of pain.

Our clients are diverse across ages, cultures and come to us from the wider Auckland area and the local Hobsonville community, Everyone who desires for better health and pain free outcomes can now benefit from our superior treatments.

We are here to help and ensure you have better health & overall well-being of life.

Oriental Holistic Practitioner

Julian is a qualified acupuncturist from the NZCCM with a background in Traditional Oriental Medicine Theories.

After that he went back to Seoul, Korea to spend his internship at several clinics with talented specialists including the Korean Saam acupuncture, Sambuhyeol and Natural herbal therapy based on the Oriental Holistic Philosophy.


He is particularly interested in acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems and neurological disorders treating by variable types of needling techniques.


From his experience, he firmly believes that Acupuncture can help to relieve not only trauma injuries, but also the internal disorders related to the mental and emotional problems such as insomnia, depression, and other different types of chronic problems.


Julian always strives to assist people with their body's ability to heal oneself and preserve people’s well-being through holistic approaches such as Yin Yang dietary, natural therapies, herbal remedies, and lifestyle advice.


"The Magic is in You"


Julian Park
BHSc. Registered Acupuncturist,
Member of NZASA & NZCMAS,
ACC Treatment Provider.

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